Therapy Travelers Webinars

Webinar 1

View our webinar in which Margaret discusses the impact of the homeschooling movement and how we can best keep children on their trajectory. Here is link to a recording of the webinar that was held on Tuesday, March 17th titled “Moving your district to remote learning, cyber-school, and teletherapy.

Webinar 2

View our webinar geared towards districts facing an unknown future. Margaret discusses the future of remote education and how to keep students trajectory going the right direction. Here is a link to the recording of the webinar that was held on Thursday, March 19th titled "Seamless Transition to Remote Ed for district employees and therapists.

Webinar 3

In this webinar Tammy Shelton discusses the ability to manage stress and anxiety during uncertain times. Tammy provides tools to help center our minds and bodies with structure and a scheduled program to get ourselves out of an anxious state and maintain calm and normalcy.