School psychologists:

Follow school psychologist and marriage and family therapist, Kevin R. Whitfield, as he walks you through the transition into teletherapy. In this webinar Kevin shares how his past experiences as a school psychologist, guidance counselor, probation officer and marriage and family therapist have influenced his practice. While face-to-face interactions may be restricted, Kevin outlines how to deliver remote health services over HIPAA compliant platforms, making it easy for you.

Going digital may seem overwhelming but it is not as different as one may think. Interacting with your clients through a web browser or video app can still provide a sense of normalcy. Make sure clients can access the online session easily through a computer, smartphone or tablet. Using video platforms such as Zoom, or Google Chat are HIPAA compliant resources that Kevin encourages utilizing. Once you have established a platform, it’s important to maintain professionalism over video conference, even if your office setting has become more casual at home. Make sure to “suit up”, keep a clean and neat appearance. Ensure your home office setting is distraction-free and respectful of client sessions. Lastly, create a structured environment where you can continue to be engaging. Be aware of your background surroundings and communicate with the clients in a manner that you typically would. Remember this transition is new to everyone. Be prepared to walk clients through what remote sessions will look like based on the session agenda. Allow room for error, flexibility, and self-improvement. Being patient is key during this process. 

For school psychologists, it is critical to abide by your local school district’s administrative rules and regulations. Kevin provides specific websites and links that clarify laws and regulations pertaining to Covid-19 restrictions. He goes into great detail answering logistical questions regarding the law, what is expected of school psychologists, and what the legal ramifications may be. Follow Kevin as he answers questions about: 

  • CDE- information for schools and school personnel 
  • IDEA- how to reach children with disabilities 
  • FERPA- protocols on testings and assessing children from home
  • ESEA- accountability systems and implications of assessment 
  • NASP- What are the obligations and legal ramifications of virtual delivery services in response to Covid-19 disruption 


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