Moving your district to remote learning, cyber-school, and teletherapy

View our webinar where you’ll get professional advice on moving your school district towards remote learning, cyber-schooling, and teletherapy. Join Margaret Curley, a speech pathologist with six years of teletherapist experience, as she walks you through fun and educational ways of keeping your children on track. Teletherapy and remote learning are unique ways to blend education with the benefits of digital innovation. Through web-based video recording and conferencing, teachers and therapists are able to interact with clients and students in real-time from anywhere around the world. Margaret outlines the critical transitional steps towards going digital and how to ensure success while doing it. 

This webinar provides tools that will empower a broad range of clients, from bilingual to special needs families. Going digital can deliver the same services as face-to-face interaction by linking teachers with students and clinicians with clients through web-based video technology. While this may seem complicated, Margaret has made the transition easy by utilizing the resources found at home and publically on the internet. All you will need are three things to create a digital learning environment. First, you’ll need a laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone with a webcam. Second, it is highly recommended that you use headphones. Lastly, you’ll need a quiet area, which is most conducive for a successful session. 

By watching this webinar, you will learn about Margaret’s unique approach to homeschooling, group education, and teletherapy. She reminds her viewers that remote learning is a learning process in itself, so allow room for mistakes and growth. Follow along with Margaret as she answers questions about: 

  • Occupational therapy 
  • Speech therapy 
  • How to reach non-verbal students or clients 
  • How she as an slp is able to connect with her clients 
  • How she plans on sharing her resources through Therapy Travelers
  • Benefits of teletherapy and remote learning 


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