Can you offer some tips on how we manage relationships and communicate when we are concerned about a school/district compliance related issue?


Whether you are providing therapy in-person or virtually, working with a school district that is dealing with significant compliance issues is a challenge, and especially in unprecedented times such as these, districts are just trying to do their best to navigate through uncharted waters. Try your best to avoid judgment (“How can so many IEPs be past due?”) and instead, step into whatever role is most needed. Remember that school districts are required to continue the provision of services as outlined in each student’s IEP, even if that IEP has expired. So, it’s possible that at some point, you will be asked to plan and deliver therapy based upon some expired IEPs…don’t panic! The priority is to get services to children who have been found eligible, and then IEP meetings can be held in order to return to a state of compliance.  Feel free to come up with positive solutions and suggestions!  Remember, we are all in this together and the highest priority is to ensure that our children are able to continue to reach their full potential!

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