Special Education Teacher Jobs Available

Discover exciting special education teacher jobs & career opportunities in Georgia ranging from long-term local contracts to travel positions.

TherapyTravelers has a select number of special education teacher jobs in available now in Georgia.

Our educators enjoy personalized support, top-of market compensation and benefits, and strong work/life balance. Apply today!



The Right Opportunity

TherapyTravelers contracts with school districts throughout the United States to place top speech language pathologists with the right opportunities.

The Right Time

Due to our strong relationships with schools, we’re able to provide our clinicians with information on open positions as soon as they become available.

Generous Benefits

Comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental and vision insurance, 401K matching, paid holidays, PTO and sick days, and CEU membership and reimbursement.

Your Advocate

TherapyTravelers provides a dedicated relationship manager to advocate on behalf of our clinicians, allowing you to focus on the kids who need you.


“The reason I continue to work with TherapyTravelers is the pay for one is great, the benefits, the 401K match is awesome. Another reason is my relationship manager. She genuinely cares about what I do on a day to day basis.”

Riley, Special Educator

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Special Education Jobs In Georgia

If you’re looking for special education jobs in Georgia, then you’ve come to the right place. For more information about how you can change lives, keep reading.

Why should you get a job in special education?

“Work hard, play hard” rings true. Though it requires more dedication than standard teaching jobs, special education can be the most rewarding. If you’re responsible, passionate about child development, and have a knack for creating instructional strategies, this may be your calling. Answer it and everyone wins— students, school social workers, and you.

Help young people

No one can deny the educational plight disadvantaged children are made to face when they’re disregarded. As a special education teacher, you’ll enable and empower students who are hindered by the typical system. The job title is akin to that of a superhero. You can (and will) change lives for the better, literally.

Improve your CV with certifications

Certification enriches your resume, and because specialized skills are gold, employers will favor you. A qualification gives you an edge over other professionals, and grant you access to more jobs— in the school sphere and beyond. You’ll earn more too!

Good job availability

Because there is a shortage of capable staff, special education teacher jobs are plentiful. If you have experience in early childhood education, or even better— a diploma— you’re practically guaranteed a job in the classroom.

Workdays are shorter

Special ed may demand more effort from you, but its days are shorter. Think of all the extra free time you’ll have to yourself. You’ll rest more, avoiding nasty burnout and stress. Who doesn’t want that?

Why partner up with Therapy Travelers?

We understand that teachers cannot empower students if they are not supported. Our goal is to give educators and other professionals the best possible working experience.

We boast top-tier pay rates, benefits, and ample opportunities in the best cities in the USA.

Benefits of working in Georgia

The Peach State is a fantastic place to find yourself. Here’s why you should consider joining its workforce.

Lots of opportunities

Specialized teaching jobs in Georgia take priority, so if you’re certified, employers will offer you a position in no time. No grinding, no jobhunting, no competition.

Fantastic infrastructure

All states claim excellence, but Georgia’s bark matches its bite. Area Development awarded GA first place in infrastructure and global market accessibility.

Beautiful and varied surroundings

Georgia is renowned for its unexpected splendor and diverse environment. Natural highlights include scenic beaches, picturesque grasslands, and majestic mountains. If you’re more indoorsy, you’ll love its 18th-century architecture and quaint townscapes.

Historical sites to explore

With much relevance to special education teacher jobs, Georgia brims with culture. Whether it’s natural science, art, or history you’re into, there’s something for you. You won’t stop learning, simply by being there and landmarks, like the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and the Museum of High Art, make for fantastic field trips.

We care so much for the people that work for our company, and believe very firmly that if we do our work with excellence by caring well for our clinicians, that they can do their job with excellence, and together – we change the world.

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