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Discover exciting special education teacher jobs & career opportunities in Denver ranging from long-term local contracts to travel positions.

TherapyTravelers has a select number of special education teacher jobs in available now in Denver.
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The Right Opportunity

TherapyTravelers contracts with school districts throughout the United States to place top speech language pathologists with the right opportunities.

The Right Time

Due to our strong relationships with schools, we’re able to provide our clinicians with information on open positions as soon as they become available.

Generous Benefits

Comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental and vision insurance, 401K matching, paid holidays, PTO and sick days, and CEU membership and reimbursement.

Your Advocate

TherapyTravelers provides a dedicated relationship manager to advocate on behalf of our clinicians, allowing you to focus on the kids who need you.


“The reason I continue to work with TherapyTravelers is the pay for one is great, the benefits, the 401K match is awesome. Another reason is my relationship manager. She genuinely cares about what I do on a day to day basis.”

Riley, Special Educator

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Denver Special Education Teacher Jobs

Are you a teacher looking for special education teaching jobs in Denver, CO? Maybe you’re considering a new career path and think the special education field is for you?

Whatever your situation, here at Therapy Travelers, we have the perfect job for you. But what makes this career so great? And how do you find special education teacher jobs in Denver? Our online search function makes it quick and easy to find your dream role.

For more information on how to search for jobs, why moving to Denver, CO could be so rewarding, and why you should use TherapyTravelers, be sure to keep reading.

Why work as a special education teacher?

Being able to help and teach students with disabilities, no matter their grade level is a very rewarding career path. Becoming an experienced and knowledgeable special education teacher allows you to make a big impact on children’s learning when they need it the most.

There’s also a growing demand for teachers for special needs children. There will always be school children who need a special education teacher and this means it’ll be easy for you to find a new position, especially in Denver, CO where the jobs market is ever increasing.

How to get special education teacher jobs

At TherapyTravelers, we’re always looking for professionals with strong work ethics and a desire to provide exceptional specialized education from early childhood to older school students.

We hire experienced and highly qualified teachers and those who are just starting their careers. To join our team of special ed professionals, you’ll need:

  • A bachelor’s degree in education
  • To have special certification depending on which role you want
  • To possess patience and innovation as every student has different learning needs. We look for special ed teachers who can adapt to each student.
  • To create inclusive lesson plans

The benefits of using TherapyTravelers

We are a staffing agency for education professionals and we act as liaisons between teachers and employers. When you choose TherapyTravelers, you’ll be notified of special ed teaching jobs in Denver, CO, as soon as they open.

We offer support and guidance to all of our professionals and we also ensure that excellent teacher resources and an education program are available to help students to progress.

Other great benefits of using TherapyTravelers include vision, medical, and dental insurance, 401K matching, sick days and paid holidays, and CEU membership.

Why you should move to Denver, CO

Denver, CO is the perfect state to pursue a career as a special ed teacher as it’s such a wonderfully diverse location. Jobs are widely available and the economy is one of the best in the US.

Although moving to Denver, CO for a special ed teacher career may sound intimidating, the rewarding nature of the job will make it worthwhile! There’s also lots to see and do, from diverse culture to a variety of extreme sports and other activities.

Search jobs in Denver, CO today

Searching for your new special ed teacher job couldn’t be easier! Simply use our search function and filter by job type and location. Once you’ve found a suitable teacher job, simply click apply now!

We care so much for the people that work for our company, and believe very firmly that if we do our work with excellence by caring well for our clinicians, that they can do their job with excellence, and together – we change the world.

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