This referral bonus program exists for the purpose of attracting eligible new candidates to TherapyTravelers. Eligible referrals are defined as a new candidate for TherapyTravelers, Epic Staffing Group or its affiliates (i.e. not already in any TherapyTravelers or affiliate databases).

Referred candidates must start an assignment within 18 months of being referred to be eligible for this bonus. You can earn only one referral bonus per person referred; you cannot refer yourself. TherapyTravelers will endeavor to pay referral bonuses within fourteen (14) days after the completion of 90 days on a contract.

In the event that the same candidate is referred by more than one individual, the first one received will be considered the referral and a bonus will only be paid to that original referrer if their referee starts an assignment within 18 months. In a case of “reciprocal referring” (two new candidates applying and referring each other), only one referral bonus will be paid, to be split between the referrers.

TherapyTravelers reserves the right to disqualify referrers for violations of these Terms and Conditions or for fraud in its sole discretion. We reserve the right to change the referral programs terms and conditions and end the program at any time.

Corporate employees of TherapyTravelers, Epic Staffing Group and its affiliates are not eligible to participate in the referral bonus program. 


Updated May 2021