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How Travel Therapy Jobs Work

How long are therapy contracts?

A typical travel therapy assignment is 8 weeks for medical settings and an entire school year for school based contracts.

How is my contract determined?

Assuming you have met all the prerequisites for employment with TherapyTravelers, your recruiter will evaluate your employment preferences, career goals and desired locations in order to find the ideal contract opportunity. Once we have determined that a particular job is right for you, your recruiter will set up a phone interview between you and the designated contact at the facility or school.

How will TherapyTravelers prepare me for my contract?

Once you have accepted your travel therapy assignment, your TherapyTravelers recruiter will confirm your start date, salary and any other details about the position.

When and how will I be paid while on contract?

TherapyTravelers offers weekly direct deposit to all of our contract therapists.

What happens when my contract is complete?

If the facility/school offers to extend your travel therapy contract, you can elect to sign a new contract and remain there for another contracted period of time. If you (or the facility/school) do not wish to extend your current contract, your TherapyTravelers recruiter will work with you to find a new opportunity..

If I am not interested to travel away from my home, does TherapyTravelers offer local contracts?

YES! TherapyTravelers offers exceptional compensation packages in cities across the US, whether they are close to your home or not. We look forward to identifying the right opportunity for you, 5 or 500 miles from home!

Traveling to Your New Contract

How do I get to my new contract?

TherapyTravelers reimburses travel costs up to a designated amount defined in your contract agreement. We do recommend that you drive your car so you have a means of transportation once you arrive in your new location. However, if you are traveling to a metropolitan city where parking is scarce and public transportation is available, you may elect to fly in which case you will still be reimbursed under the same guidelines.

Where will I live while on contract?

TherapyTravelers offers assistance to identify housing accommodations for each travel therapy assignment. Many of our therapists choose to identify their own housing arrangements.

What happens if I don’t require housing from TherapyTravelers?

If you do not require housing on your contract or wish to find your own accommodations, you will receive a monthly housing subsidy in addition to your standard pay. The amount varies for each assignment and location.

If TherapyTravelers identifies my housing, are my personal items insured?

No, they are not. We recommend that you look into short-term, inexpensive renters’ insurance that will cover your personal belongings. Your TherapyTravelers recruiter will help you locate a reliable company if you so choose.

Additional Questions

Can I bring family or friends with me on my contract?

Yes. Many travel therapists elect to travel with family, friends or colleagues who are also looking to explore the country. However, if you request larger accommodations for your guest(s) you may incur a modest fee from our housing department.

Does TherapyTravelers offer reimbursement for the cost of my license in a new state?

Yes. Once you commit to a minimum 13-week assignment, TherapyTravelers will reimburse you for the cost of your licensure in that particular state with provided receipts.

Does working as a travel therapy professional have any implications for me from a tax perspective?

Tax questions typically depends on your individual situation. Thus, TherapyTravelers recommends that our travel professionals consult a tax advisor to properly understand the tax implications of their travel assignments.

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