TherapyTravelers supports our community during COVID

Remote Education Services

TherapyTravelers worked to provide remote placements for clinicans and educators when schools began closing

Free Webinar Series

TherapyTravlers provided a free webinar series across our therapy disciplines to help support workers and parents handle the abrupt change in lifestyle

Video Meetings

Margaret's Corner

Margaret Curley has been brought on as Manager of Remote Education and Teleservices at TherapyTravelers. She provides a Q&A series to help address the questions of our therapists who were forced to remote environments

margaret curley

Educational Websites Lists

Margaret Curley put together her favorite educational websites for parents and educators.

Timocco OT Game

Tommocco’s wide range of games are designed by Occupational Therapists for children with special needs. Through their online games, they have created a therapeutic environment that encourages these children to learn to their best abilities.

IXL Language Arts

IXL is designed to help learners, grades Pre-K through 12, develop communication skills that they can use in school, college and their careers. They provide practices from reading comprehension to writing strategies and more.

Boom Cards

Boom Cards is a platform accessible by teachers and parents for learners K-12. Students are given interactive lessons and games created by parents or teachers to improve and record their academic competency.

Learning Without Tears

Learning Without Tears is a distance learning program that can help children with handwriting, keyboarding and pre-kindergarten development.


Vooks is a new and creative way for parents and teachers to guide the social and emotional development in children. Vooks provides a large library of read-aloud stories pertaining to friendship, bravery and kindness and more.


Hangman is an interactive word game that improves vocabulary and spelling skills.

Sight Words by Bingo Baker

Sight Words is a spin on the classic game of Bingo. Children will be given the chance to find and learn new words in a creative and interactive way.

Language Arts Templates by Education World

Education World has created a free, printable, educational resource for children to improve their language arts skills. Access these writing and reading templates from home.

Aperture Education

Aperture Education provides downloadable strategies and information for personal development. Here you’ll find activities and blog posts pertaining to goal-directed behavior, optimistic thinking, relationship skills, and more.


BrainPop is an educational website with over 1,000 short videos covering a wide range of topics. From social studies to engineering and technology, this resource is very helpful for grades K-12.

Breakout EDU

Breakout EDU is an immersive learning platform that brings the challenges of an escape room to your very home. This program is a fun resource for grades K-2.

CC SEL foundations 3-5 by Classroom Champion

Classroom Champions provides an engaging Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum. Through learning and mentorship, this program will improve engagement, growth mindsets, and positive classroom culture.

Supporting Students Away from School by Curriculum Associates

Curriculum Associates provides at-home printable activity packs that will reinforce especially designed exercises and practices for a given grade.

Interactive Multimedia Posters by Glogtser EDU

Express your ideas on a digital canvas. Combine images, video, audio and text on an interactive multimedia poster.

Entertaining Brain Games for Children by MentalUp

MentalUp Brain Games are used to help children develop mental skills, and improve their academic success.


MobyMax is designed to find and fix missing skills in struggling learners. Students are able to catch up and close learning gaps with the help of personalized learning, PowerPoint assessment, and motivating awards.


Sumdog has designed a range of educational games that align with Common Core and key state standards. Students are given a personalized learning resource that can easily be accessed at home.

225+ Amazing Online Learning Resources by We Are Teachers

This is a growing online list of helpful learning resources to keep students on track with their studies and educational development while at home.

Safe YouTube, Watch and Share Safely

Safe YouTube provides a service for children to safely search on YouTube without any offensive or inappropriate content.

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