“It may seem like things all around us are going in the wrong direction, but we have a choice. We can choose to have fear, or we can choose to have hope. Both have something in common. They ask us to believe something is going to happen that we can not see. We can either believe that God is in control and good things are still in store. Or we can believe the fear that says it’s only going to get worse from here. Fear says there’s no answer. Fear says the problem is too big. But hope says the best is yet to come. Hope says there is light on the other side. Hope doesn’t give up. No matter what is going on around us, we can have hope knowing that God is for us and what He’s destined for our lives will come to pass. So when you have the choice of fear or hope, choose HOPE!” – an excerpt from one of Joel Osteen’s messages.

We came across an inspiring story about these kids from Oakland. They didn’t just choose HOPE, but have also become HOPE to other kids. Brianna, 9, and Ashley, 6, are sisters who sell leather accessories and keychains for a cause. Their keychains have a minimalist style with imprints that say “be kind” and “spread love.” Also, very timely to the pandemic are prints like “air hugs,” “health hero,” “stay home,” and “wash your hands.”

“Schools are closed now and some kids really depend on school lunch. So we’re going to donate to No Kid Hungry so that kids can get their meals,” says Brianna. The sisters were able to feed 200 kids from their efforts.  Their goal now is to feed 2,000 kids.  Read their full story here:

Coronavirus Kindness: Kid entrepreneurs make leather goods to support other students amid COVID-19 school closures

Kudos to Brianna and Ashley for being selfless and spreading kindness amid COVID-19! We all live in a world full of uncertainties when it’s easy to feel anxious and fearful.  However, we can be like Brianna and Ashley who would rather choose to spread kindness and become epitomes of hope.