Speech-Language Pathology Jobs in Washington

Discover exciting opportunities with our speech-language therapists jobs in Washinton ranging from long-term local contracts to travel positions in schools in and across the evergreen state!

We're here to help. TherapyTravelers is the go-to place for finding Washington speech-language pathology jobs. We offer lots of listings and help you every step of the way. Land the job of your dreams by applying today!


Why TherapyTravelers?

The Right Opportunity

TherapyTravelers contracts with school districts throughout the United States to place top speech language pathologists with the right opportunities.

The Right Time

Due to our strong relationships with schools, we’re able to provide our clinicians with information on open positions as soon as they become available.

Generous Benefits

Comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental and vision insurance, 401K matching, paid holidays, PTO and sick days, and CEU membership and reimbursement.

Your Advocate

TherapyTravelers provides a dedicated relationship manager to advocate on behalf of our clinicians, allowing you to focus on the kids who need you.


“The reason I continue to work with TherapyTravelers is the pay for one is great, the benefits, the 401K match is awesome. Another reason is my relationship manager. She genuinely cares about what I do on a day to day basis.”

Riley, Speech Language Pathologist

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Find Washington Speech-Language Pathology Jobs

At TherapyTravelers, we know how committed you have to be to work as a speech-language pathologist. We connect our school districts with qualified speech-language pathologists, so we can best serve students. The job of an SLP is so crucial because it provides extensive treatment plans and other needs for individual students. 

There is a shortage of SLP professionals in some parts of Washington, which is why we work so hard to recruit new employees. Students should have access to the speech and language help they need, no matter their age or the school district they attend. 

We recognize your hard work has a positive impact on students’ entire lives, which is why we advocate for our SLPs.

Most Rewarding Aspects of Washington SLP Jobs

As a speech-language pathologist, you help a child overcome their speech and language obstacles and create effective treatment plans. Every step you make for students mattes. Here are some other rewarding aspects in the life of a speech-language pathologist: 

  • You can be creative to develop the right treatment plans for students
  • You can work in many settings, such as hospitals or schools
  • There is a competitive annual salary for most speech-language pathologists throughout the country
  • You can have a fantastic impact on students

Why TherapyTravelers?

TherapyTravelers has connections with school districts all over Washington. Because of these relationships, we can connect you with the perfect job listings and notify you as soon as they become available. We recognize that speech-language pathologists work hard to impact students’ lives positively, so we guarantee benefits to all of our TherapyTravelers employees.


  • Vacation days and paid sick leave
  • 401K matching programs
  • Travel incentives
  • Complete health insurance
  • Paid development opportunities to expand your career

Washington — What It’s Like Working Here

Whether our TherapyTravelers employees are working with students from Seattle or Tacoma, the job is just as rewarding in this beautiful state. Working as an SLP in Washington can bring many benefits, including satisfaction in the quality of life and rewarding pay. Washington SLP jobs are available in every major city from Bellingham to Bellevue, so you can always find a job in your career field, no matter where you reside.  

What Do Speech-Language Pathologists Earn in Washington?

In 2016, the median salary throughout SLP professionals in Washington was about $73,944, showing speech-language pathology can be a financially rewarding career. We recognize the worth of these professionals, which is why we make sure our employees always get the pay and benefits they rightfully deserve.

Find Washing SLP Jobs Today 

Apply today, and you can join our network of speech-language pathologists. With career opportunities across the country, including speech-language pathology jobs in Washington, you have the chance to become more than a qualified candidate—you can become part of a team.

Search job listings and apply today. We look forward to welcoming you.

We care so much for the people that work for our company, and believe very firmly that if we do our work with excellence by caring well for our therapists, that they can do their job with excellence, and together – we change the world.

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