Pennsylvania SLP Jobs

SLP Jobs in Pennsylvania

TherapyTravelers offers SLP jobs across Pennsylvania that align with your lifestyle and help you feel fulfilled while providing unsurpassed care and support every step of the way!

TherapyTravelers has travel and local SLP jobs that are full-time, part-time, short-term or long-term, all across the state of Pennsylvania. Plus, we offer industry-best compensation and benefits, along with care and support that is unmatched. So let’s get started!


Why TherapyTravelers?

The Right Opportunity

TherapyTravelers contracts with school districts throughout Pennsylvania to place top speech-language pathologists with the right opportunities.

The Right Time

Due to our strong relationships with schools, we’re able to provide our clinicians with information on open positions as soon as they become available.

Generous Benefits

Comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental and vision insurance, 401K matching, paid holidays, PTO and sick days, and CEU membership and reimbursement.

Your Advocate

TherapyTravelers provides a dedicated relationship manager to advocate on behalf of our clinicians, allowing you to focus on the kids who need you.


“The reason I continue to work with TherapyTravelers is the pay for one is great, the benefits, the 401K match is awesome. Another reason is my relationship manager. She genuinely cares about what I do on a day to day basis.”

Riley, Speech Language Pathologist

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Find Pennsylvania Speech-language Pathology Jobs

Have you just recently graduated from a speech pathology program? Are you an SLP with years of experience? Whatever the case may be, we have Pennsylvania SLP jobs for you!

See for yourself by viewing our listings. Thanks to our relationships with schools across the state, we have a broad network with opportunities to find the perfect position for you. Our listings span a wide range of qualifications, experience levels, locations, types of work, etc.

What You’ll Need

To work as an SLP in Pennsylvania, you must earn your state license. You’ll need to meet several requirements, including: 

  • Hold a master’s degree from an accredited program
  • Complete 1,260 hours of supervised professional experience (within two years)
  • Complete a 375-hour clinical practicum
  • Pass a qualifying exam

In some cases, such as you holding a license from another state, the Board may waive these requirements. View the “reciprocity” rules here

Most Rewarding Aspects of Pennsylvania SLP Jobs

As an SLP, you will have a rewarding career. You’ll get to help students in your local community overcome speech and communication disorders. Some of the most fulfilling parts of your job include: 

  • Diagnosing disorders and facilitating early intervention
  • Developing individual treatment plans to give each student a personalized approach
  • Adapting treatment methods to provide students with better care
  • Communicating with parents so that they can help their child succeed

Why TherapyTravelers?

We know how frustrating it can be to find a good SLP job. You spend hours searching and applying, only to not hear back or get rejected. 

Luckily, TherapyTravelers is here to take the frustration out of the job search. We have listings from across Pennsylvania, so you don’t have to hunt them down. Thanks to our strong connections with schools, you’ll know about new positions as soon as they open up. 

Our site makes it easy to find and apply for the jobs you want and the ones suited to your expertise. We offer customized guidance along the way to further increase your chances of getting hired. See for yourself by applying today! 

Pennsylvania—What It’s Like Working Here

There is a high demand for SLPs in Pennsylvania. Most of the positions fill just before the beginning of the school year. But with so many schools in the state, you can find work year-round. 

The highest demand for SLPs is in the major cities. You’ll love working in bustling cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh as well as town’s in PA’s heartland, including Hershey, Allenton, Scranton, Harrisburg, etc. These lively areas are rich with historic sites and attractions. 

What Do Speech-Language Pathologists Earn in Pennsylvania?

SLPs in Pennsylvania earn generous salaries. The average annual wage is around $76,000. SLPs with more experience earn even more (around $89,000).

Additionally, TherapyTravelers gives you access to comprehensive benefits. You’ll have everything from health insurance and 401(k) matching to travel reimbursement. 

Apply Today

If you are serious about becoming an SLP, apply through our site today! We’ll match you with the best Pennsylvania SLP jobs across the state. When you work with us, you’re one step closer to advancing your career.

We care so much for the people that work for our company, and believe very firmly that if we do our work with excellence by caring well for our therapists, that they can do their job with excellence, and together – we change the world.

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