It began with a mission

Our mission is to help every human manifest their full potential. Sound ambitious? Impossible? The best things always do.

TherapyTravelers was made to be different

It was 2012 when three friends decided to move forward with a shared mission: to help every human manifest their full potential. To do this, they utilized a unique formula: identify the finest educators and clinicians in the industry, place them in roles which bring them fulfillment, and help students across the country benefit from their gifts and expertise.

And guess what…it’s working! Today, our women-owned business is flourishing! Those same three founders oversee daily operations, keeping us focused on the mission and bolstered by our values: act with integrity, work with excellence, foster teamwork, and give recognition. We are composed of the most incredible staff, wonderful district partners, and the pinnacle of educators and clinicians. Together, we are the TherapyTravelers family. And family is exactly how we view each member of this incredible community. We work to ensure that every individual feels valued, utilizes their gifts and receives unmatched support each day.

As a result, our growth is exponential, and our momentum is unstoppable. From our family, to the nation’s schools, into students’ homes, throughout generations, we remain focused on the mission.


Educators and Clinicians

We get to know our Educators and Clinicians as whole people, rather than a resume. Understanding what makes them exceptional, our experts then pursue the role to help them feel fulfilled and align with their lifestyle: local, travel, full-time, part-time, and beyond. Then, they are cared for with industry-best benefits, paid CEUs, and so much more! Best of all- each clinician and educator has an assigned Relationship Manager to support them every step of the way!

District Partners

We work tirelessly alongside our ever-growing school partners to accomplish their own missions. We achieve, overcome, and advance together, as our partnerships continue to grow and deepen.

TherapyTravelers Core Values

integrity therapytravelers

"They actually care about YOU! This company wants to see you be the best you. They care about their internal and external clients. I think to myself everyday is this real. Are they real. They truly are making a difference in this world."

"TherapyTravelers is a company that embodies their core values. I’ve never been apart of a company that truly listens to your ideas, wants what’s best for personal and professional growth and puts people over profit. Of course they need to run a business, but when you have solid values, hire exceptional therapists (who are so grateful to have the job opportunity) who change the lives of students, you get to be a part of something extraordinary. The departments work beautifully together and don’t have separate agendas and there are NO EGOS here. What a dream. Such a great family!

Blessed everyday!"

"Everyone treats you like family.

They are so incredibly supportive throughout the entire process.

I could not have asked for a better experience.

I am so pleased that I made the decision to call them.

In addition, they have great pay, benefits, and openings all over the country."


We take care of our therapists, providing top level pay and a benefits package second to none


We provide opportunities in compelling and exciting cities across the US.


We take good care of our therapists and clients, providing exceptional service as true partners.

Join the Movement


Don’t hesitate to ask us something. Email us directly or call us at 1-888-223-8002. You can checkout our FAQ page to get more information about working for TherapyTravelers.


We believe that in order for us to attract and retain the finest therapists, each member of our internal team has to perform our work with excellence, every day.


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